is it true that lemons trigger stomach acid?

obat asam lambung ,- It is true in the real proven, Lemon squeeze (jeniper) is believed to enhance liver function. Not only that, drinking warm water with the lemon mixture, very useful as a detox. Lime is also said to be able to help lose weight.
According to nutritionists, Datunsolang Resianti habit of consuming lemon squeeze less precise, especially if you’re taking any jeniper.
“Because of the lime has a high acid content, which can trigger the disease of stomach acid. If the function of the stomach is compromised, then the digestive system not fluently, as well as other body metabolism will be distracted, “explains nutritionist Regional Hospitals (RSKD) Atma Husada Mahakam Samarinda.
When stomach acid is increased, then the custom of eating jeniper continued, feared to trigger the onset of other disorders. I.e., disruption of kidney and liver function.
“Most people, when you first try to drink lemon water does not feel the negative effects. But, actually slowly may already occur in the stomach wound, “he said.
Avoid it, Resianti advocate, consuming two glasses of water after getting up in the morning, without adding the juice of lemon, then immediately have breakfast. After that, please if you want to try to drink water with the juice of a lime.
“The objective, so that the stomach filled food first, before drinking or eating food acid. So lemons can be received well.

manfaat jeruk nipisIn addition when the consumption appropriately lime has quite a lot of benefits that are good for the body.

The benefits of lime juice for health

Burn Fat

Lemon contains citric acid (citric acid) which is an anti oxidant substances. Citric acid is what gives taste sour fruits. The substance of this acid can help boost the metabolism of fat and turn it into energy. Body fat that is not metabolized will accumulate and gain weight. In addition to citric acid, vitamin C also help greatly to burn or metabolize body fat. If when doing a diet program also balanced exercise and drinking lemon, the result will certainly be optimal.

Launch Of Digestion

The benefits of lime juice to the diet next is facilitate digestion. Why diet is important to facilitate the digestion? At the time of your diet will certainly reduce food consumption than the days usually. Because food intake is reduced automatically owned energy body will be reduced. With the digestion more smoothly and effectively, nutrients are absorbed by the body will be more so in spite of reducing the amount of consumption of the meal you would not be so easy to achieve.

Keeping Blood Sugar Levels

Lemon was able to help keep blood sugar levels in the body, which is very beneficial for overall health. The blood sugar levels excessively will cause diabetes. This is done by way of lime reduces the absorption of blood sugar from the diet. You need to know is with a reduced uptake of blood sugar will make hunger reduction. This is certainly going to make it easy for you to live on a diet, it will be easier for you to reduce the portion of the meal.

Boost The Immune System

When do the diet you may be deficient in nutrients to help boost your immune system. Well, by consuming lemons, you will get enough vitamin C intake. Where its own vitamin C is beneficial for the body to enhance the immune system so that your body will be more robust against attacks of the disease. Thus you will stay fit for doing a diet program.

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